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Vinny Tomassetti

Bass player/songwriter from the edge of Philadelphia

Vinny Tomassetti

Vinny Tomassetti is a bass player/songwriter from the edge of Philadelphia. He was an on call bass player for many local Philly bands before he embarked on his journey to L.A. in 2004 to pursue a more serious career in the music industry. Upon getting to L.A., he quickly made a name for himself as a extremely hard working, creative musician, & became a hired gun. Vinny met Peter DiStefano of Porno For Pyros fame a couple months after his arrival, & spoke to him about his vision for a band. Peter became intrigued with his ideas & asked to hear him play. Impressed with Vinny’s playing, vision & work ethic, Peter knew he wanted to work with him in putting together a band. Vinny’s band, The Writ, quickly gained attention from multiple labels & recorded an EP. Soon thereafter, Peter asked him to take over bass duties in his solo band & he has been Peter’s first call bass player ever since. They have performed on the Warped Tour together, & also became business partners.

With the industry being ever changing & his creativity flowing, Vinny eventually relocated back to Philly to pursue new opportunities on the east coast. He once again established himself as an on demand bass player in studio & live performance… As well as forming original bands of his own, & writing music for & collaborating with others. Vinny has also worked as a bass tech & is often called upon to work with bands & other musicians in setting up guitar & bass rigs, & in helping bands to find their own sound.

Vinny’s playing can be described as extremely eclectic, as he pulls from influences of just about every style. His bands & writing over the years have ranged from the groove & atmospheric rock style of “The Writ”, to the technical progressive metal of “Sun Red Sky”, the acoustic singer/songwriter ways of “Harwood”, the hardcore punk of “DISCONNECTED”, & the extreme metal of “Silenced”, to name a few. Vinny prides himself on his originality, great tone & his sense of groove

As well as playing with Peter DiStefano, Vinny has played with other notable artists such as: Jonathon “Sugar Foot” Moffet(Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Elton John, Cameo), Scotty Lund(CakeWithoutCandles, Agent Orange, Stone Honey), Mike Dupke(Dee Snider, W.A.S.P., Eric Sardinas, Hair Of The Dog, John Mellencamp, etc.), Alan Damien(Living Dead Lights), Jeff Leonard(Little Steven, Ronnie Spector, Meatloaf, George Clinton, etc.)..

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