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Ben Railway Robey

Blues Guitarist

Ben Railway Robey

A superstar with a genuine soul, an authentic voice and lyrics that are flat out- gritty. Blue’s artist Ben Railway Robey charts #3 on the iTunes Blues Singles Charts with his
timeless and fun hit “Hotter” that needs to be played again and again. Following up on the success of his first single “One Day I’m Gunna be More” that charted #6 on the iTunes Blues Singles Chart, Ben is creating enormous momentum in the Blues music industry. Recently announcing signing a distribution deal with Push Global Entertainment, the heart of gold Blues star is hugely excited to release his single “Hotter” distributed by Sony Music’s “The Orchard.”

If you seek passion and belief with grit in a song that will not disappoint you, you will find yourself on a journey when listening to this Blues artist. The beginning is now, and his following are excited to see where it leads. Ben is already working on his debut vinyl and in late 2023 Ben will be touring across the US, UK and Japan.

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