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Lisa Vazquez

Artist, Producer, Instrumentalist and Educator

Lisa Vazquez

Lisa Vazquez is an Argentine bred, Oregon born Hip Hop / Soul Producer, Artist, Multi-Instrumentalist and Educator residing in Los Angeles. Steeped in classic hip hop,
disco, afro Latin and jazz flavors , her beats linger between light and soulful to eerie and emotion driven. Through the alchemy of instrument playing, live vocal layering, record digging, button pushing, & rapping, her musical brew will make your head nod, neck snap & make your soul feel all the feels ????

In 2017 Lisa released an EP titled Gravity that showcased her talents as not only an instrumentalist, but as a vocalist, followed by an EP in 2020 entitled Hit Like a Girl with beats from beat battles she has participated in. She has also garnered attention for her YouTube series, Flip it Friday (Link below) That series finds her selecting a random record, talking production, chopping samples, layering instruments, & flipping it on her Akai MPC Live, sometimes with guest artists in her studio.

She has toured nationally and performed in large festivals such as A3C, SXSW, Soundset. As a Battle producer, Lisa was a finalist twice in International Beat Battle / DJ Battle, The Goldie Awards put on by A-Trak and Fools Gold Record Label.

Her debut EP, titled Gravity, released in 2017, and her Debut LP Nocturnal Sun is slotted to drop early 2023. Along with her unique live performance, her values shine through in her lyricism. The message is filled with soul, charisma, & something valuable to say where subject matter focuses on navigating through life, relationships, and personal empowerment / independence. She believes that music is one way for us to unite where there are no language or societal boundaries.

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