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Overdriver Duo

Revolutionizing the international music market.

Overdriver Duo


Conceived in 2014 by Evandro Tiburski and Fabi Terada, Overdriver Duo has revolutionized
the international music market. The couple has created their own way of
performing their favorite songs, named OverStyle, and has resolved to spread in
social media. In a few days, the first music video has viralized and became a
reference of creativity, innovation and quality.

After realizing the initial result, they have decided to bet in new videos and the
worldwide success on the internet is consolidated. By 2015-16, Overdriver Duo
has toured throughout Brazil and many Latin American countries, giving them more
and more praise by audience, customers, media and also many requests of
concerts from all corners of the world.

In August 2017 they set off for Europe for a 20-day tour through Portugal, Spain,
France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Denmark with performances at great
summer festivals and established venues.

The rise and consolidation of the Overdriver Duo is increasing and proof of this is
their numbers on the internet. There are currently more than 1.5+ billion views
and 1.6+ million fans on their social networks spread across 100+ countries.

The season of 2018-19 will definitely put OD as worldwide artists, with their World Tour which will pass through
4 continents and also the release of their first original song on the radios,TVs and, of course, internet.

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