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Neil Zaza

Neil Zaza- The Melodic Master

Neil Zaza

His guitar playing has defined modern day instrumental guitar the world over. His
melodic compositions have not only
changed the way musicians play, but what audiences demand out of their guitar
heroes. To see Ohio native Neil Zaza’s influential impact on guitar across the
globe, merely tune into the legion of thousands of fanatical fans performing
his international hit, “I’m Alright” on YouTube. Neil’s trademark “singing” and
lyrical guitar style is easily recognizable and can only belong to one man:
Neil Zaza.

“It’s always been about the song for me,” states Neil. “I
remember all the tunes that really moved me when I was growing up and it wasn’t
about the guitarist playing 128th notes. It was about an inexplicable connection
I felt drawing me to wear out my records as I couldn’t get enough of that rush
of the song itself! That’s what I try and do with my music today. It’s always
about the song!”

Neil Zaza worldwide touring has cemented him as a true guitar phenomenon. He’s
played alongside and shared the stage with such guitar luminaries as Joe
Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Nuno Bettencourt. His recordings
feature collaborations with Van Halen’s Michael Anthony, Dream Theater’s Jordan
Rudess, drumming legend Steve Smith, Peter Frampton among others.

Neil Zaza’s mastery of the guitar amasses accolades from all sources. While he
continues to transform the world of instrumental rock music one melody at a
time, it’s his fiery interpretations of holiday repertoire fused with Classical
melodies and classic Rock that is the basis for his One Silent Night… concert
series. Neil, his band, and an orchestra/choir aren’t just performing holiday
music with One Silent Night…-they are literally reinventing it!
Now, with his latest release entitled Peach,
Neil has set the melodic bar even higher with a project taking his melodic
stylings to even greater heights. Peach boasts songs that put composition and
melody on par with his stunning guitar prowess. The combination is deadly and
sure to set the watermark for how expressive and emotive a guitarist can be.

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