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Kaitlin ‘Sauceyhead’ Allen of Plastic Culture

Los Angeles's hottest new up and coming singer

Kaitlin ‘Sauceyhead’ Allen of Plastic Culture

Kaitlin ‘Sauceyhead’ Allen is Los Angeles’s hottest new up and coming singer best known for her role as the front woman, vocalist, co songwriter, and originator of the duo ‘Plastic Culture’ most recently her songs have been played on mainstream radio stations such as ALT98.7FM Los Angeles and on 97.7 The River, San Francisco.

Plastic Culture is a dynamic duo based out of Los Angeles, California. Formed in 2018, founding member/lead vocalist Kaitlin A. “Sauceyhead” and lead guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Eddie G. have made it their mission to bring back the heart and soul into rock n’ roll.

Their unique method of blending multiple genres of music such as rock, soul, psychedelic, reggae, ska, hard rock, metal, and funk music will definitely get your feet moving, head banging, and hips grooving.

Plastic Culture is actively reaching a wide variety of audiences.

In 2019, Plastic Culture had professionally recorded their original four singles, this time engineered/mastered by multi-platinum record producer Frank Gryner best known for his work on Rob Zombies ‘Hellbilly Deluxe’ On March 6th, 2020 Plastic Culture recorded a live studio session with Jung Records in
North Hollywood, California for and up and coming press release.

Featured musicians included were drummer David Raven who has performed with such greats as Carole King, Keith Richards of ‘The Rolling Stones’, Billy Gibbons of ‘ZZ Top’, Mike Ness of ‘Social Distortion’, Creed Bratton of ‘The Grass Roots’ and also known from the hit series TV show ‘The Office’, Slash from ‘Guns N Roses’ Gerry Beckley of ‘America’, Ricky Martin, Steve Jones of ‘The Sex Pistols’, Nancy Sinatra and many more.

Also performing alongside Plastic Culture that night was trombonist Quinn Carson who’s work can be heard on Comedy Central’s ‘Drunk History’ and who also played with such acts as ‘Badfish’ a Sublime tribute act.

On April 1st, 2020 Plastic Culture participated in an online Canadian music relieve contest to see which band could raise more money for Autism Canada. Plastic Culture overwhelming raised funds and won first place.

Plastic Culture now has an international distribution/marketing deal with The AMG Corp and Sony Music. Plastic Culture’s main focus was to perfect those special set of tunes by any means necessary.

Countless late nights of practicing, re-writing, and re-working sections were had. Plastic Culture has and continues to work endlessly to produce the most authentic sound; with their diverse taste, influences, and love of multiple genres of music.

Plastic Culture continues to stay active and defy the odds by continuing to get work done and now also performing for varies professional livestreaming companies such as the fast growing Take Over Live Studios which is founded and run by Benjamin Harper guitarist formerly of Yellowcard.

The Band has also released their first ever official music video for the hit single ‘So Much Stress’ The video is a timely and harsh look into the current reality in which we all live in.

The video perfectly sums up the frustration, anger, and stress many people are feeling with everything that is going on in the world right now. It flawlessly ties in current events ranging from everything political, to climate change, to social injustice and much more.

Plastic Culture is something music lovers have been asking and begging for. A new authentic young band with their own sound.

A band the music scene hasn’t heard or seen in a long time. A band who’s creating fresh material that sounds nothing like the same ol’ mediocre, redictable, and boring “rock” you hear on today’s radio. With strong unique lead vocals, funky body shakin’ guitar riffs, deep low end groovy bass, massive organ keys, and tight hard hitting drums. Plastic Culture has a very unique & catchy sound that immediately catches the ear and fits perfectly with the main masses of

With Plastic Culture you don’t have to be a lover of one specific type of genre, you just have to be a lover of music.

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