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CAD E100S Stands Out For Gaming Voiceovers

Doug Brandon

CAD E100S Stands Out For Gaming Voiceovers

For years, Doug Brandon has been a triple-threat in the gaming world with voiceovers, music composition and sound design. Now Doug’s son Zakk has joined him in gaming with both sharing credits on successful games such as Konami Digital Entertainment’s Casino League, a free-to-play Texas Hold ‘em, Blackjack and Slots game that can be played with real-life players.Discussing his work process, Doug confirms that voiceovers are “fairly standard. A script is written and actors submit a short read with producers and designers generally making the decision on which actor is used. I make sure the correct mic is chosen and the audio get cleanly produced and handed off in the correct format.”Asked about his mic of choice in terms of voiceovers, Doug responds, “There are a number of compelling features about the CAD E100S. It’s very accurate in terms of its response, which is why I can use it for a variety of voice talents. The noise floor on the microphone is very low which allows the sound of the VO actor to come through very cleanly. “Although I use high-end preamps for recording at the studio, we sometimes have to go on location to record,” Doug explains. “The E100S makes it possible for me to use a less expensive portable preamp while still delivering the same quality of audio that I am used to. It is a testament to the quality and design of the E100S that allows me to get a constant warm sound no matter what preamp I use with it.”A video editor by trade, Doug’s son Zakk has worked as SFX designer and audio producer as well. He’s also had an extensive amount of vocal training in both acting and music while striving to cultivate a unique sounding voice for professional voiceovers.In addition to working as the announcer on Casino League, Zakk has been the voice of all the monster characters on Konami’s Boo Seeker and a few characters on Konami’s Silent Hill HD.Discussing his voiceover work process, Zakk explains, “My agent sends me an audition, I study the references or actors the client would like the copy to sound like in terms of tone, warmth etc. I practice a few different takes as the client likes some variety in auditions. Usually I do two to three takes on a role and send it off to my agent for submission. “Over the years, I've tried a few different mics but stand by the E100S. It has the best clarity I've found in a mic with less pops and clicks. With other mics I notice my low-end range tends to sound too warm and reverberate a great deal. With the E100S, my reads are very clean and it really shows off my voice from subtle to robust.

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